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EMHG - Anonymous Submission Form for MH Events

General information

This formular allows you to anonymously submit an occurence of a Malignant Hyperthermia event. After submisson, a unique event identification key (UEIK) will be created and displayed. Please indicate this UEIK in the patient registration at the MH diagnostic laboratory of your choice. Thank you for participation!

Patient sex

Patient age

Patient body weight

Family history of MH

Type of surgery Please give a short description of the type of surgery...


Maximum minute ventilation Please indicate the maximum [l/min].

max. l/min

Breathing system

Tachycardia Please indicate the maximum [beats/min].

max. beats/min


Increased CO2 Please indicate the maximum CO2 [kPa].


Timing: CO2 Time [minutes] from induction of anaesthesia to 1st evidence of increase in CO2 production.


Timing: temperature Time [minutes] from induction of anaesthesia until temperature increase of 1°C.


Metabolic acidosis Please indicate the minimum BE.


Masseter spasm

General muscle rigidity

Hyperthermia Please indicate the maximum temperature [°C].



Volatile anaesthetics

Stimulating drugs

Dantrolene treatment

Dantrolene dose [mg]:
Treatment during first 2 hours after diagnosis.

Suspected MH survived

Recrudescence of MH


Patient referred to Please indicate the name of the MH diagnostic laboratory...

Your UEIK:
After successful submission, your UEIK will be displayed here.